The Robotics team 858 is currently building a robot for the 2018 FIRST Power Up competition. At the moment we have 29 members, 21 students, and 8 active mentors. We meet after school on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday from 3 pm to 6 pm, and on Saturdays from 9 am to 4 pm. We collect pop-cans to raise money for snacks during the long hours of robotics practice, donations are always welcome. On most Saturdays, we have a potluck so all the team members can eat. Our core values are Dedication, Engagement, Memorability, Originality, Neighborliness, and Sportsmanship. Our team is made up of a wide range of diverse personalities and cultures. We value and respect one another because everyone on the team is family. Each member learns valuable skill sets that they can use in the future and our mentors are great at demonstrating these skills in the field as they help us build the robot. We are learning proper cleaning and working procedures. We work, communicate, and listen to everyone on the team because everyone has a role in the team, and no one is left out. We recently obtained a new TIG welding machine provided by an engineering company named Pridgeon and Clay. One of our new mentors, Tasker Merrifield educates and teaches the team members how to properly use the machine in order to weld parts of the robot together. We are also glad to announce that we have received 2 new sponsors, Pridgeon and Clay and Agapé Plastics. Each student is steadily learning on how to weld and use different machinery through the help and support of our mentors and alumni.

Our Progress so far:

The base of the robot is on its way to be finished by Tuesday. Currently, we have the grabber and mecanum wheels completed. The cutting of our materials is almost finalized. We also have prototyped models on our drive trains and have a mock-up of our grabber. Meanwhile, a new logo and mascot are in progress. The programmers are patiently waiting for a robot to program.

Safety is the top priority.