Meet The Demons

FIRST  Team 858, “Delphi Demons” was founded in October/November of 2001 by Bruce Klemm, FIRST Team 5316 “The Architects” founder, and Bill Bauman, FIRST Team 2054 “Tech Vikes” founder. Our first competition was “Zone Zeal”: with 20 students primarily from Rogers High School and 8 mentors primarily from Delphi in 2002. However in 2009, when Delphi no longer could sponsor us, we became “Demons” and the team relocated to Wyoming (Rogers at the time) High School, which remains our current space.

Today, the team consists of 21 students and 10 mentors. All 21 students are from Wyoming High and the Junior High School. The mentors include alumni from the school and different FRC teams, employees from Pridgeon &  Clay, Inc., GE Aviation, C.G. Witvoet and Sons, and Wyoming High and Junior High School.