Our team has a 98% on time high school graduation, 88% college attendance with 75% going into STEM related fields, and 10% Armed Forces.

Several alumni continue to play an important role in FIRST by working with other FIRST teams, volunteering at regional competitions and helping FIRST in several other ways. Approximately 10% of Demons alumni are still involved in FIRST programs.
Our team has spread the word of FIRST in the community in many ways; we hold our own open house where the community and sponsors are invited. At the open house, visitors can observe our robots, learn about FIRST, the game challenge, and see our facilities.
Demons communicates excitement and impact within our school, community, and beyond through several different techniques. To get our school more involved and interested in FIRST, we have announcements about FIRST Robotics, posters everywhere, team members talk about FIRST, and we have an “open door” to our room. Internally, we utilize our team goals list, basic communication, and memory. We have external communications, including Facebook and a team contact list.