Demons Robotics are fortunate to have the support of these sponsors.

  • Wyoming Public Schools, the local school system, is a sponsor since 2001. They provide build space, mentors, and funding.
  • C.G. Witvoet and Sons is a sponsor since 2006. They specialize in manufacturing letters, logos, graphics, and custom signs for over 80 years. They provide a practice field and a mentor.
  • GE Aviation is a sponsor since 2010. They are a world-leading provider of commercial, military and general aviation jet and turboprop engines along with other components ranging from electrical to mechanical systems. They provide a mentor, material, and funding. 
  • Pridgeon & Clay, Inc. is a sponsor since 2018. They provide services to several industries including Automotive, Class 8 Heavy Truck, Agriculture, Marine, Motorcycle, Wind & Solar Energy, Fuel Cell & Battery, and Hardware & Appliance. They provide mentors, shirts, material, marketing supplies, and funding.
  • Agapé Plastics, Inc. is a sponsor since 2018. They create custom injection molded and insert molded products for customers around the world. They provide funding.